Book Review: The Dirty Truth by Winter Renshaw

Don’t get me wrong, The Dirty Truth is a decent romance novel, but that’s all it is; just decent.

Poem of the day: After Death by Christina Rossetti

I recently finished the Goblin Market and Other Poems by Christina Rossetti and this poem just reminded me of something I’d read about Lord Byron and how he treated his daughter. When I read ‘Strange Antics: A History of Seduction’ by Clement Knox (can’t find my my beautiful hardback copy which I’m annoyed by soContinue reading “Poem of the day: After Death by Christina Rossetti”

Where do you review?

All the places where you can review a book!

Book Tour: The Winter Charlatan by Victoria McCombs

The prince needs the girls help to save the kingdom. First she’ll save it, then she’ll steal it back. Book Tour I’m so excited to take part in the book tour hosted by Book of Matches Media for The Winter Charlatan by Victoria McCombs! I’ve just gotten the ARC and I’m super excited to postContinue reading “Book Tour: The Winter Charlatan by Victoria McCombs”

Story of the Day: Ethical Consumption

Prompt: Mudlark I’m trying to do one creative thing a day, which isn’t really productive but is meaningful. This is for Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt! I loved the idea of this, but I know this is not the best execution. For those of you who don’t know, the exchange rate is $1 to PKRContinue reading “Story of the Day: Ethical Consumption”

This Is The Last Time

I love you. I don’t think I can ever stop loving you. But the truth is you’re not good for me, not good for my heart, my health, my bank account. I can’t keep sneaking you in back into my life, and under my bed and waiting for the others to go to sleep to start my night.

Book Review: My Body Is My Business by Melissa Todd

I’ve never read anything by Melissa Todd before this, but the premise was fairly interesting. A woman drops out of Oxford to work in the sex industry and is now telling us her story almost 25 years later as she works as a dominatrix and porn star! I think this was definitely a take inContinue reading “Book Review: My Body Is My Business by Melissa Todd”

Diomedes Speaks of Fame ~ Burt Porter

For some reason I’ve decided to end the year by regularly reading something on Jstor; why I picked this as a hobby is a good question because I have no idea. But here we are. But I’ve always been a big fan of the Trojan War, and at some point Diomedes was someone I reallyContinue reading “Diomedes Speaks of Fame ~ Burt Porter”

Giveaway: Hit by Mallory Hart

Review: I’ve been talking about reading a mafia romance for a while now, and I never actually got around to doing so because my TBR is crazy (like all of us here)! But then @jaimerockstarbooktours sent around an email for a book tour for Hit by @malloryhartromance, with seemed like the perfect opportunity to finallyContinue reading “Giveaway: Hit by Mallory Hart”

Giveaway & Book Review | Behind The Veil by E. J. Dawson

Giveaway & Book Review: Behind The Veil by E. J. Dawson Review You guys all know that this is not the type of book I normally read, but I’m so glad I did! This is fantastic and fast-paced, and nicely written, and I actually want a prequel and a sequel! Letitia Hawking reads the veilContinue reading “Giveaway & Book Review | Behind The Veil by E. J. Dawson”

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