November Hopefuls! Love Book Tour Reads (pt 1)

If you’re anything like me you know there are plenty of ARCs and Book Tours going around! But you also have so much FOMO that you sign up for any and everything and are now sitting there wondering what to do now! Well no more! This month I plan on getting through all of myContinue reading “November Hopefuls! Love Book Tour Reads (pt 1)”

Monster Midwife by Lumen Reese

Thank you Love Book Tours and Lumen Reese for letting me a part of the book tour for Monster Midwife! I never thought I’d read a book like this, the idea is pretty different. I mean who writes about a midwife for monsters (we have two of our favourite Greek ones featured here) and howContinue reading “Monster Midwife by Lumen Reese”

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