Book Review: unlock your storybook heart by Amanda Lovelace

Why did I do this to myself? The thing is, I’m really sure everyone will want to read Amanda Lovelace. She’s a fairly popular poet with 5786 followers on Goodreads and a lot of books, including some that have been translated to other languages. And I also really wanted to tank my NetGalley US feedbackContinue reading “Book Review: unlock your storybook heart by Amanda Lovelace”

I was bored: NetGalley Edition

So I was bored Which is not all my fault. Ever since I got my booster my sleep cycle has been thrown off and I can’t sleep and I’m angry and mad all the time. I’ve also been aiming to reduce the number of book tours I sign up for, and be more selective withContinue reading “I was bored: NetGalley Edition”

Book Review: The Dirty Truth by Winter Renshaw

Don’t get me wrong, The Dirty Truth is a decent romance novel, but that’s all it is; just decent.

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