Book Review: Naiya’s Wish by Astrid V. J.

Naiya's Wish

Book Review: Naiya’s Wish by Astrid V. J.

Thank you The Book Scenes Tours and Astrid V. J. for giving me the chance to read and review Naiya’s Wish. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.

There are some things I really like about Naiya’s Wish! The naiad, Naiya, makes a wish that alters the destiny of everyone around her and reminds us that magic never quite works the ways you expect it to. You don’t expect her to want a child like this, you don’t expect her to actually want to keep one safe, and you certainly don’t expect how she keeps it safe.

I feel like the author herself has a lot of potential, but some things could have been done better. I loved that Naiya genuinely thinks she’s saving the child when in reality it will have disastrous consequences for all those around her.

I really loved it when Amina’s father was like just because one person has been kind to you, doesn’t mean you love each other or need to marry them. Between that and Phillip’s actions at the party, I got a sense that by the end of this book we’d also see that they’re all trying to protect a man who doesn’t really deserve their help. That’s not really where the story went, and I didn’t get a sense of any real growth from Phillip, which was a bit disappointing.

I also do feel like the author needs to work on cleaning up the language of the book a bit more, it’s also fashioned, but the slips into something that isn’t; and I feel like you should stick to one or the other.

“They were not fit for the gift of life bestowed upon them and I was not going to let them mess up again.”

Hilda and Amina were interesting characters though, and I’d love to see something about the years in between when Phillip was growing up.

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